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5 Foolproof Tips for a Great First Impression

5 Foolproof Tips for a Great First Impression

You already know the importance of first impressions. But for podcasters, they’re tricky to make because we don’t get to lead with our audio! Instead, when new listeners come across our show online or in an app, they’re deciding if they want to listen based on visual factors. Listen below for 5 simple ways you can make a great first impression both visually and immediately after listeners decide to hit play.

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In this episode, Travis talks about:

  • How first impressions are meant to qualify the right listeners (this includes letting the people your show isn’t meant for know to keep scrolling!)
  • Podcast Art - Generally the first thing people see, it needs to be big, bold, and beautiful. You have to make sure it works scaled down to thumbnail size.
  • Title - A title needs to be easily searchable and quickly understandable. Think concise and don’t get too cute with it.
  • Description - Why the description needs to be about the audience, not about you. And how that first line needs to be enough to explain the show, because a lot of people won’t read past it.
  • Audio - Once people hit play, you need to continue to make a good impression to keep them listening. Crisp, clear, professional sounding audio is a must. 
  • First Minute - It has to be gold! Ideally, it hooks people in by telling them exactly why they should listen to the full episode. 

Memorable Quote

“My audience is the most important person in my world.”

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