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About Pod Decks

Hi I’m Travis. Nice to e-meet you.

You might be wondering, Who is this guy? So I wanted to share some fun facts and sweet brags with you.

Husband + Father

First and foremost, I am a husband and a father. My family is everything to me and keeps me motivated.

Podcast Producer

I’ve been editing and producing podcasts for 8 years at Podcast Buddy

  • Launched over 100 podcasts for clients
  • Edited over 1500 episodes
  • Over 2 million downloads combined

    Podcast Mentor

    I love sharing the knowledge I have acquired and documented with podcasters. I built the Podcast Builder Club to help podcasters get three times the results twice as fast.

    • Guiness World Record holder for speaking at Pod Fest Virtual Summit
    • Helped dozens of podcasters monetize their show to six figures
    • Your success is my fuel


    Podcasting took my life over 8 years ago when I first hit record. I’ve hosted several podcasts over the years but my current shows are all about helping podcasters and meeting new interesting peoples.


    I love to launch and grow companies. Over the last decade I have built several online businesses that have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars. Studying trends, strategies, and business is definitely one of my passions.

    Musician and Artist

    As a creative being, music and art play a big role in my life. I toured the country as the front man of a band, have songs I’ve written and performed on TV shows and Film, and I am an avid art collector. You can hear my music here!

    Thank you for supporting a small business,

    Travis Brown