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Comedy Bundle

We've created the ultimate tool for content creators so you can:

  • Spend less time researching conversation starters
  • Have spontaneous moments in your podcast or live stream
  • Engage your social media following and Live streams
  • Have unique questions at your fingertips

If you want to make your guest or audience double over laughing, this is the set for you!

The How Dare You Deck has 50 wild questions to get a conversation started in a fun and interesting way. Remember Truth or Dare? Simply ask a question and answer truthfully or else! Make it a drinking game or just find out things you never wanted to know about your guest or co-host!

The WTF! Deck contains 50 hilarious conversation starting questions that are sure to make your guest say “What the heck?!”. If you are looking for light hearted, goofy, and dirty you’ll want to get this deck for your podcast!

*Frustration Free Packaging

*Includes Digital Version on Pod Decks Mobile App